Friday, January 02, 2009

Why Do So Many People Search For "Sunday School Questionnaire"?

Of all my informative, witty, ingenious blog entries, the two most visited are my review of Anne Rice's first "Christ the Lord" book (due to it's being linked on Anne Rice's reviews page), and an obscure post in which I mention a questionnaire I filled out in Sunday School. That seems strange to me.

I guess this post will now be frequented as well, since I mention "sunday school questionnaire" in it.

Sunday school questionnaire!

There. It's in the title. It's in the text of this post three times. This should cement my immortality in the blogosphere, if past activity is any indication.

According to StatCounter, which is what I use to monitor activity on my blog, three people have arrived at this website as a result of googling the phrase within the last week alone! I guess I've probably received 100 or more hits from that search phrase in 2008. What's up with that? Are these lazy sunday school teachers looking for ideas or what?


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