Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Guest Poster: Jerry Brenton

Due to a lack of time and or brainpower I have allowed a guest blogger to post this entry. Please welcome Jerry, my sister Carole’s husband. I hope you enjoy what he wrote.

THERE are questions I need to ask. Actually, this computer will die of old age before I have all my questions written down. Microsoft will be out of business; taken over by the government probably, and “Microsoft Word” will become something like “Federal Word”. What a world, what a world.

First, why do I hear an incessant whining noise whenever a democrat is speaking on T.V.? If you have good ideas, explain them and let us decide what we want to do next. I fear they have all lost what is left of their collective mind. They all do seem to be in lock step with each other. The drumbeat they are listening to has to be a chaotic, cacophony of confusion.

The Republicans, who hide behind …well, everything…have their drumbeat which is about as easy to hear as a butterflies belch at Niagara Falls.

If you hear this already, skip reading it in your mind. Politics is from the Greek poly meaning many, and ticks meaning blood-sucking insects.

The most common bush planted in Washington D.C. is the common yew bush. The botanical nomenclature for the common yew bush is: Taxus Taxus.

Explains a lot huh.

That is the extent of the time I wish to spend on politics.

How about country music? Well, don’t get me started.

Now, as to American Idol: Hate the Title, love the bad singers, and want it to come to a city near me so I can go a laugh at them. Why should we be railroaded into accepting a person because a lot of people like them?

We are in Iraq. Well who would have seen that coming 5 years ago? Why didn’t the psychics?
Speaking of Psychics here is a story. My ex-sister-in-law Rebecca got a telephone call from a psychic wanting to give her a reading. Without missing a beat she replied: if you were really psychic then you would have seen this coming, then she hung up!

Somewhere in the puddle that is her brain that girl shines.

Why doesn’t spell check underline ex-sister-in-law?
Is that really a word?

O.K no more questions. I have A D D and I get dis…

I took my two daughters to see “Nanny McPhee”. Both of my daughters were nannies at one time or another. We had a lot of fun. Without telling you the plot; here is what the story is about: There once were some rotten kids, an ugly nanny came to help, and with magic, changes the rotten kids into angels. She rescues the sad dad, and the scullery maid in the process. The nanny ends up being very pretty in the process. Not really a “must see” movie but a “willing to watch again” movie.

I like good writers. Rex Stout is the author of the Nero Wolfe novels. Really I could care less who the murderer is, as long as the interaction between Archie Goodwin and Nero Wolfe is fun. I recommend all of the detective novels by Rex Stout. I mention this because I just finished reading one of his trilogies.

545 words, 2,364 characters without spaces and 2,927 with spaces (I count them because I had to hit a key) 18 paragraphs and 61 lines later I am tired of typing (that is entering keystrokes to the younger folks) so …

I like …..’s