Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Strange Experience/Vision/Thing I Saw

A few days ago, I experienced something very odd.  I've never experienced, or even heard of, anything like it.  To be honest, it felt like the kind of thing one ought to call a "vision", and therefore attach significance to, yet I cannot see what the significance of it is or was.

I was at the height of suffering from bronchitis, and drugged, but not particularly heavily.  Bronchitis is something I've had before, and the drugs were nothing major, yet I've never experienced anything remotely like this before.

In all, the experience/vision/whatever-it-was lasted for more than 24 hours.

Let me explain:

In the middle of the night, I awoke.  As I lay there unable to get back to sleep, I noticed a single bright point of light in the darkness, with my eyes closed.

Now, I merely assumed this was nothing more than the normal kind of lights and morphing plasma-like shapes that appear when one's eyes are closed in the dark.  I assume that everyone sees this kind of thing when their eyes are closed.

I idly watched the point of light.  I remember thinking that it was about the same size and brightness as an average star, and wondered if, had I been looking up at the stars just then, I might have mistaken this point for a star.

As I watched, the point languidly drifted upward, and my eyes (still closed) followed it.

Eventually it drifted high enough that my eyes could no longer follow it, and in my peripheral vision I saw it continue upward and out of sight.  I remember thinking this odd, because things like this usually stop when my eyes can no longer follow (kind of like the "floaties" one sees in the daytime).

As I lay there, I then saw that it had not disappeared, but was re-entering my field of vision from the right.  As it drifted, it took on a yellow, sparkling tinge (very star-like), and was followed by another that came drifting in from the right.

As I wondered at this, another, and then another, came drifting in, creating a kind of curved connect-the-dots line of points.  More and more quickly came in, and in a few moments, I could see a long, curved, continuous line of these points.  At this point I was still awake (at least, I believe i was.  I knew I was sick, lying in bed, in my room).

This continued until my entire field of vision (including my peripheral vision out to infinity apparently) was filled with these points, all gently moving from right to left, and seeming to gradually "zoom out" so that the dots were getting closer together.  

After a while, I could recognize the shapes of cursive letters, and lines of text like a written manuscript. By this time the dots had converged into a continuous, sparkling line of very thin writing, in lines, like a page of handwritten cursive text.

As you might imagine, I was filled with wonder at this.  My mind was reeling at how my brain was able to maintain this intricate image consistently.  When I opened my eyes, I could still see the text superimposed over the darkness of the room about me.  I could see the windows, the blue light on my laptop speakers, and all the other normal sights in the dark room, but this image of golden cursive writing filled all my vision as well.

Of course it quickly occurred to me to read the text. Yet when I tried to focus on a line to read the words, there were several strange effects that prevented me.  First, when I focused on a letter -- say a lower-case "g" -- I could see that the line was made up of smaller shapes, which seemed to also be like writing, or maybe just intricate loops and such.  But more than that, the letters seemed to make no sense.  They were grouped and separated by spaces as if they were words and sentences, yet I could not see any intelligible words.  Almost every time I looked at a "word", it would at first remind me of a word, but when I looked more closely the letters seemed to be in continuous, fluid change, and before I could think twice about it the initial word I thought I might have seen would be nowhere in sight.

I might look at the "p" within a word I thought was "upward", but when I glanced at the "w" and back at the "p", it would have changed to a "b" or something else.

Also, if I looked fixedly at one letter, I could see in my peripheral vision that other words and other lines of the text were moving independently of that word/letter.  At several times I was able to see places where some text was drifting more slowly than the text immediately to its right, so that the text to the right was disappearing underneath the letters to the left, as if passing "beneath" and being obscured.  When this happened, the continuous line would nevertheless never be broken.

Also, in the curved lines between letters, I would sometimes see several tiny letters wedged in.  Like a child might do when he gets to the edge of the page and realizes he has several more letters to write, but not a lot of room to write them.

Now as time passed, these letters, and all this text, faded very, very slowly.  As I said, when all this was at its peak, I could see the text clearly with my eyes wide open.  Even when morning came, I could still see it all (still gradually proceeding from right to left, and with letters still morphing continuously) with my eyes open (but of course more clearly with them closed).

Eventually (especially in my state of illness) this became annoying and even painful.  It was impossible not to try to focus on the text in front of my eyes and not try to read it.  It made my eyes hurt, and made my headache worse.

Throughout the following day I could always see these letters.  Never before had any kind of image like this persisted like this for so long.  I was in wonder about it throughout the day.

Even by the following night, I could close my eyes in the dark and see the letters, but they were by that time much faded.  I could only see the 5 or 6 letters directly in front of my eyes, and only dimly.  Sometime during that night I awoke and could only see a letter or two, and it was hard to tell whether I was imagining it at that point, it was so dim.

None of this repeated the following night, or since, and now (3 days later) I cannot detect a trace of the letters.

I was never able to detect even a single intelligible word.  If the text had told me to do something -- almost anything, I think -- I would have taken it as a vision from God, so surprising and inexplicable was this whole experience to me, yet I could never detect any meaning whatever to the text.

Does anyone have any ideas what all this might have meant, or mean?  Please let me know in the comments, or if you know me personally you can contact me via email, or on Facebook.



At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your blog post about the dream to Ellis. He has interpreted dreams before. He had only three things to say about yours, although he was fascinated by it.

1) The stars that reached to infinity he connected to the "great cloud of witnesses in Hebrews 12:1.

2) Reading from right to left reminded him of the Hebrew language. Also, the only letters you mentioned were consonants, and Hebrew has no vowels.

3) He suggested you ask God for the meaning, which you have probably already done.


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