Wednesday, September 28, 2005


In a previous blog, I listed my current reading material as Omega by Jack McDevitt, Forever Peace by Joe Haldemann, and Fractals by my wife Molly Blaisdell.  

Well, I’ve abandoned Forever Peace.  Sorry Mr. Haldemann.  I loved The Forever War.  I could hardly put that one down, but this one just didn’t hold my attention.  Part of the problem is that about halfway through the novel, the plot suddenly and drastically changes.  Probably Mr. Haldemann was going to bring the two plots together later in the novel in some way that would make it all make sense, but frankly, I didn’t care about the characters, and when the change came, all my desire to continue reading departed.

Jack McDevitt’s Omega had the opposite effect on me.  It’s first few chapters were hard for me to get through.  I thought them too slow and boring.  But, since I had loved Chindi so much, I was willing to slog through.  I kept thinking it would kick into high gear later, and I was right.  It’s clipping along now, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out for the Goompahs.  

I’m somewhere around half-way through Molly’s novel Fractals.  I can’t tell you anything about it or I’d have to kill you.  I am reading one chapter per day, as Molly goes through some editing that an editor has asked her to do.  The highest complement I can give is that last night when I came to the end of chapter 8, I had a hard time stopping there.  I really wanted to keep going! That’s a good sign!

Now, dear reader, you are no doubt on the edge of your seat wondering “Now that he’s not reading Forever Peace, what is he reading instead?” and “Is he only reading TWO books now, rather than THREE?” and “What is he doing with all those spare neurons?” Well, I won’t leave you wondering: I’ve started into Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  In the days ahead I’ll let you know what I think about Ms. Rowling’s latest.

Until then, leave a comment! Do you think I misjudged Forever Peace?  Do you think I should have picked something other than Harry Potter to replace it?  

Have a great day!    


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